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Timesoft Client Referral Program

At Timesoft, we believe that it is important to build strong relationships with the people who have placed their trust in us. Unlike other programs that pay a small referral fee or no fee at all, the Timesoft Solutions Referral Program pay out real commissions!

For each qualified referral that becomes a client, Timesoft Solutions will pay you...

  • $1,000 for every Timesoft iSeries referral customer that makes a Timesoft iSeries purchase
  • up to $500.00 for every other Timesoft solution referred or 10% whichever is less

...this includes the clients first purchase and all purchases made within year from the date of referral.

How it Works...

Get Registered...
The first step is to sign up as a Timesoft Referral Partner. This enables us to keep you informed of new products, services, enhancements or additions to the program.

Refer A Client...
Refer a client by sending us the information requested on the Client Referral Form. This will enable us to track the client as a referral from you and make sure that you receive your referral commission.

Make a Referral Now!!

                                                     Referral Form


The Benefits Of Referring Timesoft!

Quality, Quality, Quality...
Timesoft Solutions' products and services are top-notch and we provide variety.

No company too small or too large
We have solutions for companies ranging from 1 to 100,000 employees.

Our solutions are multi-platform and include Windows, IBM iSeries, and the Web.

We offer solutions for Healthcare, Restaurants, Distribution, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Government, School Districts, ETC.

Earn Recurring Referral Commissions
Timesoft Solutions pays commissions each quarter for referred clients for up to one year.

Referral Program Details
  1. The referral must be a "Qualified Referral" to qualify for the referral commission. The definition of a "Qualified Referral" is a company that has a valid Federal ID Number (FEIN) and State ID number. For start up companies, "applied for" status is acceptable. The qualified referral must have authorized you to submit their contact information to Timesoft Solutions in advance of referring them. Companies that are submitted without authorization will not be accepted as a qualified referral. The Company must remain a client for two years.
  2. Timesoft Solutions reserves the right to refuse service to any referral for any reason.
  3. Terminated companies are not eligible for commission or may be charged back.
  4. Remittance (commissions) will be made on a Quarterly basis and will be paid prior to the last day of the month following the end of the calendar quarter.
  5. Commission Coverage period for active clients is two years from the date of the first payroll processed for the client, which includes the quarter that the first payroll is processed.
  6. Existing clients of Timesoft Solutions are not eligible for this program and will not be considered to be "qualified referral" clients.
Timesoft Referral Form
You must have the approval of the Company in advance of referring them to Timesoft.                    You must provide complete contact info of the General Manager, Payroll Manager, Owner/President, or the person in charge of deciding/purchasing a replacement time and attendance solution.

Make a Referral Now!!
Call Us to Tell Us About Your Client

888.4TIMESO or 888.484.6376

Timesoft Referral Form
You don't have the approval of the Company prior to referring them to Timesoft Solutions, but you know they are using a lower technology solution, or could benefit from our technologies.


Make a Referral Now!!
Call Us to Tell Us About Your Client

888.4TIMESO or 888.484.6376



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