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Timesoft eClocks™ are highly reliable companions to your Timesoft™ software.
They collect punches and time transactions with minimum maintenance requirements, providing fast and accurate clocking and continuous operation.
   Multiple Reader Input Options
Timesoft eClocks come in your choice of Magnetic, Visible or Infrared Bar Code, and Proximity readers. Fingerprint readers are available as an add-on attachment.
SomeTimesoft eClock models allow reader options to be mixed and matched on each individual unit.
   Flexible Connection Options

            Flexible communication options available on Timesoft eClocks include RS-232, RS-485,             TCP/IP or Modem connection. Each unit comes with the selected connection port.

   Attachment Options

            Optional eClock attachments include: Bar Code Wand, External Buzzer, Signal Relay Box             for Bell and Access Control, Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter, and 10-hour Battery Back-up             unit.

   Supervisor Features

            Using a supervisor card, some Timesoft eClock models offer             supervisor  time management features which save time and make             employee time  management much more efficient.

            Two supervisor features includes the ability to quickly add a punch             to Timesoft eClock without needing to login into the software             when an employee forgets his or her badge, or to override an            employee lockout. More features available include...

  • Add manual punch
• Browse punches before data is retrieved
• Set Clock ID Number to identify
  multiple units
• Set Reader Type
• Ring external bell (if using bell ringing option)
• Perform the following employee transfers:
  to another department, from one job to
  another, and earning codes.

   Hardware Specifications

            8.7 in. wide x 6.1 in. tall x 2.3 in. deep; Magnetic stripe card             reader; Lithium battery backed RAM; Real time clock chip;             accurate to +/- 10 ppm; 2 lines – 20 characters per line LCD; 16-            key (4 rows x 4 columns); RS-232 serial port; and RS-485 LAN port.
            132 employees standard capacity per Timesoft eClock,   
            upgradable to 395 employees.  Unlimited employee unit also
 available.  Ethernet connection optional.

Timesoft eClock Connection Requirements (aside from appropriate version of Timesoft software)

   • One communication port
   • 25 or 50 feet Timesoft Cable
     Connection Kit

Same as RS232 connection plus RS485 Adapter Kit if connecting more than 50 feet away from PC or if connecting multiple eClocks to one communication port.

  Computer with modem and
   telephone line/dial-up access      at host site
  Telephone line/dial-up access     at Remote Timesoft eClock site

   TCP/IPCommunication Module
   TCP/IP Connection on host     computer
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