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Timesoft TimeSheet

Timesoft Time Sheet allows employees to fill out their time sheets electronically!!
NO more scribbled/hard to read manually written time sheets!


Timesoft TimeSheet™ is a windows based time keeping module where employees enter their own start/end times or total hours. Employees can enter both work and benefit hours such as sick time, vacation time, personal time for later supervisor review. Intelligent software design with a intuitive user interface makes this module very easy to use for employees.

Timesoft TimeSheet forever eliminates scribbled timecards by allowing employees to enter their own time transactions through a password protected and user-friendly application.
  • Flexible
    Employees can enter start and stop times, total hours worked, assign worked hours to a particular department as well as enter benefit hours.
  • Easy Installation
    Install software on any Windows computer and your employees will immediately be able to enter their time transactions.

  • Affordable
    Individual per employee licensing fees are usually less than $10 per employee.
  Pricing   Requirements
  Timesoft TimeSheet module is priced based on number of employees licensed; you can install it in an unlimited number of computers with all punch data collected going to Timesoft Attendance or Timesoft Premier administrative software for supervisor review.
Timesoft TimeSheet works with these two Workforce Time and         Labor Solutions
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    Requires Timesoft Attendance or Timesoft Premier software
  Client PC can be running Windows 9x/NT/XP/2000
  4 MB free hard disk space
  16 MB RAM
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