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Timesoft HandPunch™

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Timesoft HandPunch offers users a friendly, convenient, and easy way to collect time and attendance information with true employee identification.

With Timesoft HandPunch your employee’s hand becomes their time card. No longer do you need to worry about lost, stolen, or forgotten timecards or badges.

Timesoft HandPunch communicates using a standard communication port, a modem, or an IP address. See models below for additional information.

Timesoft HandPunch Models


HandPunch 1000E

HandPunch 1000E a Biometric Ethernet time clock that is truly affordable for small to midsize businesses.
HandPunch 1000

Low Cost HandPunch 1000 biometric timeclock, with 50 ft. cable, serial port adapter, user manual on CD, 50 user memory (expandable). Optional Modem.
HandPunch 2000

HandPunch 2000 biometric timeclock, with 50 ft. cable, serial port adapter, user manual, 512 user memory, 5187 transaction memory.
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HandPunch 3000

HandPunch 3000 biometric timeclock, RS232 & RS485 communications for up to 4000 feet connection, user manual, 512 user memory, 5187 transaction memory. Optional Modem and Ethernet Card.
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HandPunch 4000

HandPunch 4000 biometric clock terminal, user manual, 530 user memory, 7680 transaction memory. RS232 & RS485 communications for up to 4000 feet connection.
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Hand Punch FAQ's
What is a Timesoft Hand Punch?
Timesoft hand punch is a biometric timeclock device that works with any Timesoft or third party software and captures employees punch data, and verifies the employee’s identity by using hand geometry with a three-dimensional view.  Accurately verifying each employees identity eliminates buddy punching and all the excuses such as... “I forgot my badge”.

Is it easy to use?
Yes, hand punch technology is very easy to use for supervisors and employees, and verification time is really fast (less than one second).
How does the enrollment process work?
The supervisor will then need to enter the PIN number that the employee will be using. After the PIN number has been entered, the employee would place his or her hand onto the plate to get a high quality scan three times to complete enrollment.
How does the verification process work?
Employees simply enter a pin number and place their hand in the unit for verification, Timesoft hand punch verifies employee’s identity by comparing their hand to a previous registered scan of their hand geometry.
How many digits are available for PIN number?
The PIN number you assign to each employee can be from 1 to 10 digits in length. A social security number is 9 digits long.

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