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Timesoft Employee Self-Service.NET provides a valuable business benefit to both management and employees. By improving employee relations through self-serve access to their information, employees are empowered and this benefits HR and payroll by reducing their administrative workload.

Employees can view and answer their own questions regarding....

  • Available and Taken Benefit Hours.
  • Historical Data.
  • Received Supervisor Messages.
  • Send Messages to Supervisors.
  • Request Benefit Hours to be Approved.
  • Approve Time Card Hours.
  • Check company bulletin board for information and news.
  • Check Schedules.

Message Center Inquiry

Employees can view
and respond to
messages sent to them
by Supervisors.

Time Card Inquiry

Employees can view their work and benefit hours for the current pay period.


Benefit Hours Inquiry

Employees can view their vacation, sick, personal and comp time benefit hour balances. With a quick glance employees can see how much time they have accrued, how much time has been taken, and what they have available along with the next accrual date.


Employee Scheduled Hours Inquiry

Employees can view their schedules daily or weekly. Information displayed includes scheduled start and stop times, department scheduled, and daily and weekly total scheduled hours.

History Hours Inquiry

Employees can view their daily or weekly punches in detail and their total hours for a specific period.

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