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Buying a Laminator in 3 Easy Steps!

1. Choose the laminator that best fits your needs.

Quick, Convenient, Cost Efficient

USI Pouch Laminators are the efficient way to preserve, protect and enhance all of your important documents, graphics, photos and more. These table top units come in several varieties to meet a broad range of needs whether its high volume production, mounting documents up to 3/16" thick, incidental document encapsulation or precision quality graphics and photos...USI has the right Pouch Laminator for the job.

Pouch Laminators
Fast, Versatile, Professional

USI has assembled the greatest roll laminator line up available from one company in the marketplace today. Combining superior quality manufacturing, state of the art innovations, easy to use controls, a revolutionary film loading system and the longest warranties in the industry.

Roll Laminators
A Quality Alternative To Heat Lamination

Tape laminating is a great alternative when the precision quality of a heat assisted laminate is not necessary. These quick and easy to use systems provide quality results on most documents. Tape Lamination offers a variety of film alternatives to meet several consumer needs. The tapes are in a roll form, allowing the lamination of longer banner style documents.
Tape Laminators

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